Hey guys, don’t forget to keep voting on the BB site for your favorite submissions. Laos keep an eye out for an article in Ryerson Today for a feature on our Architecture of Civility!

Competition voting:

Students will vote on BlackBoard on the schemes that best represent these concepts. In the spirit of civility, we ask that you do not vote for your teams work.

Please fill in the short answer questions with the team number of your choice. Only one answer per category will be tallied.
You may go back and edit your answer, but please keep in mind that BlackBoard only allows for a limited number of attempts.
The submissions can be viewed in the Upper Atrium or on the Tumblr website http://das-ryersonu.tumblr.com.
The three categories will be as follows; 
  1. Scheme that’s most CONDUCIVE to creating ‘an architecture of civility’ (i.e. does the architecture DO it?)  
  2. Scheme that’s most REPRESENTATIVE of a civil society (i.e. does the architecture SAY it?)  
  3. Scheme that’s most PROVOCATIVE about civility (i.e. does the scheme makes us THINK THE MOST about civility?)
The survey can be found under the ‘Submission’ section on BB and the survey is titled ‘Competition’. Prizes will be awarded to the winners later this month.
Article in the Globe and Mail!


Please don’t forget to vote in the competition, the voting can be done under the ‘submission’ section on BlackBoard. All of the submissions have been posted in the Upper Atrium and the Tumblr site for viewing.



2 out of 400+ students have voted!

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did you check bb? literally 9 posts down..

Colin, Chair of the department and George have a few words celebrating the exhibition of Collab13